Why Total Body?

At Total Body Physical Therapy Anaheim; Orange County, we are committed to your health and success. We are prepared to spend the optimal time needed for your physical therapy care. We will select only the most advantageous treatment combinations for your complete rehabilitation and recovery.

If you are suffering from any physical pain or need rehabilitation from injury, surgical procedures, or other causes, the physical therapists at Total Body can help you. We pride ourselves in the ability to accurately assess your health concerns and establish a fast and effective recovery program.

The Total Body Way

We perform thorough and comprehensive evaluations.
We develop customized treatment programs for each individual patient.
We treat the whole person to attain the goals they want.
We provide you with tools for future relief.

A message from the owner:
“I am the proud owner and one of the practicing clinicians at Total Body Physical Therapy Inc. Since Total Body’s founding in 2005, I have built a qualified, caring, and cohesive team that is focused on executing optimal service for patients to gain the best possible results. Helping patients restore their normal function in their daily lives is very gratifying and is what drives me to develop an even better facility for patients to rehabilitate.” Murray Tanner, PT